Open-Source Distributions and Programs


Open source distributions and programs burned to CD or DVD.
No matter which Linux you are looking for, we have it. If not, please feel free to contact us via our contact form.

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  • 64 Studio

    64 Studio

    64 Studio is a collection of software for generating digital content on 64-bit systems. It is based on Debian GNU/Linux, but includes a refined package selection and many other customizations. It will be launched on OEM hardware and on laptops as...

  • Absolute


    Absolute Linux is a slimmed-down version of Slackware Linux. It includes several tools that simplify configuration and handling, and it has configured many popular desktop and Internet applications. It uses IceWM and ROX for its window and file m...

  • ArchLinux


    Arch Linux is a simple and i686 optimized Linux distribution. It was introduced in early 2001 by Judd Vinet, inspired by CRUX Linux and BSD. The system can be configured almost exclusively from a single file (/etc/rc. conf). As with other distr...

  • CentOS


    CentOS (Community ENTerprise Operating System) is a Linux distribution based on and binary-compatible with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) distribution from Red Hat. The distribution is managed, maintained and developed by an open group of vo...

  • Crux


    CRUX is a Linux distribution aimed at experienced users who want to have full control of their system and really only want to install the software they really need. CRUX is not based on another distribution, but has been completely redesigned by ...

  • Debian


    Debian is a GNU/Linux distribution consisting exclusively of free software. It contains the operating system and a wide range of application programs, tools and utilities, along with a matching kernel. The name Debian is derived from the firs...

  • Desktop BSD

    Desktop BSD

    Desktop BSD is an operating system based on FreeBSD and the FreeSBIE Live CD. Its main goal is to provide a user-friendly operating system that is easy to use, but has all the functionality and strength of BSD. In the long run, Desktop BSd wants ...

  • Dragon Fly BSD

    Dragon Fly BSD

    Dragon Fly is an operating system that is supposed to be the sequel to the FreeBSD 4x OS series. It is based on Unix and API. Dragon Fly gives the BSD base the opportunity to move in a completely new direction than the FreeBSD 5 series.

  • F-Secure


    All current and currently available security CDs from the anti-virus specialist F-Secure. Just a few years ago, bootable media containing a current or updateable virus scanner had to be searched with the magnifying glass. They were not free ...

  • Fedora


    Fedora is a Linux distribution, which originated from the former Red Hat Linux. In line with Red Hat's previous licensing policy, the Fedora Project follows the principle that only programs with completely free licenses may be used. This is...

  • FreeBSD


    FreeBSD is an open source operating system from the BSD family and is therefore one of the Unix derivatives. The FreeBSD development initially focused on the x86 architecture. The TCP/IP protocol family is a BSD development, so FreeBSD's ...

  • Frugalware


    Frugalware Linux is an independently developed general-purpose Linux distribution for advanced users. It follows simple Slackware-like design concepts and includes Arch-Linux's "Pacman" package management tool.

  • Games


    Here we will keep offering you new game ISOs and gaming DVDs.

  • GeeXboX


    GeeXboX is a complete operating system that runs under Linux. You don't need a hard disk, just insert the GeeXboX-CD into the CD drive to boot it. In addition, GeeXboX is a free software, i. e. anyone can modify it and publish their own versi...

  • Gentoo


    Gentoo Linux is a source-based Linux meta-distribution for advanced Linux users who want to customize their system completely. Every user has the possibility to adapt the system to his needs. Therefore, you should have a sound knowledge of his ha...

  • GParted


    GParted is a live distribution in business card size with a single purpose - to provide tools with a graphical user interface for partitioning hard disks. The distribution uses X. Org, the slim Fluxbox window manager, and the last 2.6 Linux kerne...

  • Greenie


    Greenie Linux is a desktop oriented Slovakian distribution based on Ubuntu. It is available in many different special designs with various options. software, add-on software or pure gaming distribution. In addition, there is also a "Mini-C...

  • Kanotix


    Kanotix is a Linux distribution with an integrated live CD. Kanotix is based on Debian (sid) using Knoppix technology. Kanotix was explicitly adapted for modern hardware and designed for hard disk installations. KDE is used as the graphical user ...

  • Knoppix


    Knoppix is a free Linux distribution that can be started as a live CD directly from a CD/DVD and contains KDE, OpenOffice. org, Gimp, Mozilla, XChat, Gaim and many other programs. It was developed by Klaus Knopper, whose name is also the basis fo...

  • Kubuntu


    The word "Kubuntu" means the same as "Ubuntu", comes from the Bemba language and is spoken "Ku-bun-tu". The "K" also stands for KDE. The word Ubuntu comes from the languages of Zulu and Xhosa. It stands f...

  • Mageia


    Mageia is primarily a desktop distribution. Its most popular features include cutting-edge software, an excellent collection of system administration tools (Mageia Control Centre), the ability to attract a wide range of volunteers and extensive i...

  • MEPIS / SimplyMEPIS

    MEPIS / SimplyMEPIS

    MEPIS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu Linux. MEPIS was independently developed by Warren Woodfords (Morgantown, West Virginia, USA) from November 2002 onwards, as he was dissatisfied with the various Linux distributions. Woodford's go...

  • Mint Linux

    Mint Linux

    Linux Mint is a distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system based on Ubuntu from Canonical Ltd. The aim of this distribution is to develop an elegant and user-friendly operating system. The distribution Linux Mint is basically Ubuntu with so...

  • Multimedia & Co.

    Multimedia & Co.

    Here you will find everything for picture-, music- and video editing.

  • Mythbuntu


    Mythbuntu is a community created addon for Ubuntu to install a MythTV based PRV system. It can be used to create a stand-alone system or for integration into an existing MythTV network. Contrary to similar projects, Mythbuntu maintains close co...

  • OpenOffice

    OpenOffice is a free office package that consists of a combination of different programs for word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing. A database program and a formula editor are also included. The program is often called Open...

  • Pardus


    Pardus is a GNU/Linux distribution created and developed by the Turkish Research Center for Science and Technology. It has a range of unique features such as Mudur, a framework that speeds up the boot process, and PiSi, an efficient package manag...

  • PCLinuxOS


    PCLinuxOS is primarily intended for desktop use, while server use plays a lesser role. The original idea was to upgrade the current Mandrakelinux by adding additional or more recent packages. With Mandrakelinux 9.2, the package collection ar...

  • Puppy Linux

    Puppy Linux

    Puppy Linux is a space-saving Linux distribution that can be started directly from CD and carries a Chihuahua named Puppy in its logo. The approximately 60 to 90 MB (depending on the software selection) large distribution was reassembled fro...

  • Sabayon Linux

    Sabayon Linux

    The name of the distribution is derived from the Italian dessert Zabaglione (French: Sabayon). Sabayon Linux is a Linux distribution developed in Italy, which can be started as a live CD from a CD or DVD. Sabayon Linux is based on the metadistr...

  • Scientific Linux

    Scientific Linux

    Scientific Linux is a reworked Red Hat Enterprise Linux compiled by many laboratories and universities around the world.

  • Slackware


    Slackware is a Linux distribution that is more likely to be found in a professional environment. A Linux distribution started by Patrick Volkerding. The first version was released on July 16,1993 and is based on SLS (Softlanding Linux System), ...

  • Slax


    Slax is a live CD containing a Linux operating system. It runs directly from CD without installation and is based on the Slackware Linux distribution and can be downloaded from its website as an ISO. All scripts and source code that can be used t...

  • SUSE/openSUSE


    openSUSE, (formerly "SUSE Linux" or "SuSE Linux Professional") is a Linux distribution of Novell and its subsidiary SuSE Linux GmbH (Software- und System-Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, Nuremberg). The roots of openSUSE go bac...

  • System Rescue

    System Rescue

    System Rescue is a Linux system on a CD-ROM to repair the system and data after an accident. It also requires an easy way to perform admin tasks on the computer, such as creating and editing hard disk partitions. It has the claim to be easy to us...

  • TrueOS (formerly PC BSD)

    TrueOS (formerly PC BSD)

    TrueOS (formerly PC BSD) aims to be an easy-to-install and easy-to-use operating system based on FreeBSD. In addition, it has a graphical installation that allows even Unix newcomers to install and run it easily. Currently, a graphical software i...

  • Ubuntu


    Ubuntu is a Linux distribution based on the Debian GNU/Linux project. Due to its ease of use and configuration, support from developers and community, and its design, it has quickly become a popular and well-known Linux distribution and is often ...

  • Ubuntu Studio

    Ubuntu Studio

    Ubuntu Studio is based on the very popular distribution Ubuntu. Ubuntu itself is based on the Debian GNU/Linux project based Linux distribution. Ubuntu Studio specializes in audio, video and graphics editing and provides several programs from the...

  • Xubuntu


    Xubuntu is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. But unlike its foundation, Xubuntu uses the resource-saving Xfce user environment and is optimized for low-capacity computers. The distribution includes only GTK and applications where possible.

  • Zenwalk


    Zenwalk Linux (not to be confused with Zen Linux) is a Linux distribution based on Slackware, formerly called Minislack and compiled in France. Their focus is on slenderness, which they aim to achieve by providing only one program per task by def...

  • Custom CD/DVD

    Custom CD/DVD

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